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Helicopter Pilot Achieves ICAO Level 5 in French

Helicopter chinook dropping water onto wildfires, French language rating for pilot, FCL .055 ICAO level 5

Antonio really made my day! This helicopter pilot has been dropping water to tackle – and put out – wildfires all over Europe for many years. As he needed the FCL .055 rating in French, he started working on aviation French in early May. After only 19 training hours he managed to pass his FCL .055 with flying colours – ICAO level 5. He’s going to extinguish wildfires in the south of France. Congratulations Antonio as it is well deserved! Here below a video with feedback about the kind of test you can expect as a helicopter pilot when you take it at the DGAC.

Helicopter pilot passed FCL .055 in French – Feedback
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