FRENCH as a Foreign Language 🇫🇷 TRAINING based on CONVERSATION

You want to get more fluent in French but you do not know how? Come on, if a native speaker listens to you regularly and corrects what hinders you from being a fluent speaker, it will work. Watch the video here below, please:

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Toni Giacoia is a native Frenchman who lives in Tours, in the very heart of the Loire Valley. Most people speak French without any accent in that region. Toni has taught aviation English for more than twenty years. His methods are those of the ICAO recommendations – flight safety through communication. This is why he tackles the weakest language skills first. Then he put them together to deal with them as a whole. Indeed, conversation is both the means and the goal.

French is tough with special sounds, vowels and consonants not to mention all the liaisons and exceptions. Grammar and syntax are tough as well with special locutions, conjugation, and tenses which can be tricky. The good news is that French and English have a lot in common. This French training is not on sale directly on FCL ANGLAIS but on JUSTLEARN. Some other platforms might host this service soon. Therefore, you can toggle « 1 » and click on the quote (« devis » in French) request button. Then the webmaster will send you the latest update.



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